Why is This Blog Named “Socrates Was a Jerk”?

Socrates Was a Jerk is a blog maintained by three Philosophy of Education students, Nathan, Chris and Angie, attending The King’s University College in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. The blog is intended to serve as a means of reflection and discussion about in class experiences. All people are welcome to comment on the content and join in the polite discussion!

The name of the blog is not intended to offend anyone. The title is intended to act as a humours means to levy a criticism at one single point of Socrates’ made in his book The Republic: any task of purely abstract thought (and anyone who makes a living by thought alone) is more valuable (and carried out by more intelligent/valuable people) than concrete/manual tasks. Socrates make many good point, and is obviously critical in the establishment of the foundation of western philosophy, and we correspondingly believe that he is a noble and great guy for the thoughts he has forwarded. But, we will use an attitude of disagreement with Socrates’ Analogy of the Divided Line as a foundation for the exploration of pursuing how to deliver consciously egalitarian and socially just education for all we serve as teachers.


Additional information about the democratization of knowledge and learning can be found in this great podcast by Mike Rose: “The Meaning of Intelligence”


Alegory of the Cave


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