In response to Nathan’s article post about ‘No more tag in schools’

If you have not yet read the article Nathan posted, you can read it here.
This story just made me so sad! It makes sense to some extent for tag to be banned from the playgrounds, however, no touching at all is getting a little extreme I think. It is important for human beings to have physical contact. For many I think it helps to boost self-confidence and self-esteem. Even if it may not be seen as necessarily crucial to the child, taking it away and prohibiting a student to do something so natural, is something which saddens my heart.
I know this is not the final decision made on what to do, but I did want to make a comment on the original plan nonetheless. It may not appear crucial to learning or curriculum or education at all, but it does affect the learner and without a learner there would be none of the above, therefore what happens on the playground and outside of the classroom is also important.

– Angie


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