FYI, this whole No-Zeros Policy is just a sideshow left over from bogus Klien era funding restrictions implimented for Alberta Education

Today, we were talking in class about the whole No Zeros policy. It’s polarized a lot of people over a problem that is being very misrepresented. I am frustrated that so many people have jumped onto an issue, yet there’s been practically no discussion about how:

  1. If there are no zeros, then the lowest awarded mark simply becomes a zero
  2. This is really a money issue. A silly, stupid money issue.

Here is a quote describing how this whole issue of funding troubles came to be. Click it for original source.

“Superintendent Schmidt’s open letter yesterday simply stated that EPSB assesses students on the work they do complete. Edgar Schmidt has not explained that EPSB’s practices are very likely an attempt to deal with Alberta Education’s high school funding rules, implemented during the Klein era. The childish reasoning behind the rules originally argued that if students failed, then teachers were at fault, and schools should not receive any funding for a job poorly done. Subsequently, a compromise was arrived at whereby students who earned a mark of 25% but less than 50% would be funded if they attended 50% or more of their classes and have been assessed on at least 50% of the course work. As a consequence, teachers are faced with a professional and moral dilemma when ordered by their principals to not give marks of less than 25%, and to ensure that attendance is recorded as 50% or higher.”

Philosophically, this frustrates me because I think that this is one big silly mess that distracts us all from truer, more meaningful work related to education. As far as grading goes, I think it has practically nothing to do with education and learning, and a whole lot more to do with indoctrination and evaluation that serves the state and society. So, let s accept the incomplete system, make it as small and simple as possible, KEEP IT CONSISTANT, and put it to rest!

– Nathan


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