My View of Plato

Now from the little that have seen and heard in our class I think Plato gets the short end of the stick when it comes to his philosophy of education. Now I know it is hard to look at his philosophy and not see the social implications of his time and the obvious negativity that slaves are needed for a utopian society. But if we can overlook that, I feel pretty strong about his ideals for education. Like the purpose of education should be, maybe not freedom of conventional opinion, a sound board that calls into question the essence of our society and why it is formed the way it is. Education instead of perpetuating the status quo should establish moral citizens that have a critical lens when viewing the world. That can produce positive change if the current way of doing things is not just and for the benefit of all. I also like Plato’s view on learning, the idea of discovery through dialogue, which is a pivotal foundation in the Education program at kings. This ideal promotes collaboration and a foundation of group work that I think will set up students nicely in the work force but also in family life as well.

And of course there is Plato’s view on knowledge, the idea that true in innate and leads to absolute truth. As a Christian I find this goes without saying, don’t get me wrong there is a lot of hard work that goes along with finding our knowledge. But when we define a virtue such as love or courage, can we define it without missing something, without seeing it in its entirety. I don’t think we can but yet we know in our heart what is love and courage, and what all the other virtues are. I believe this knowledge is invoked in us by being image bearers of God. I therefore view the acquiring of knowledge and the purpose of education as a vocation, a calling for each of us to partake in God’s plan here on Earth.

– Chris


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