Preparing for our writing of our OWN philosophy of education

In class last Thursday we spent time reviewing 5 different concepts and how they relate to philosophy of education based on some of our own opinion but also of the opinions of the philosophers we have studied thus far in class.

We live in an age where technology can come in handy in the classroom and this was one of those times; I, along with many of our classmates, took pictures of what we came up with in answer to the 5 questions.

A quick comment on this exercise; an exercise such as this I think would be a great way for middle-high school students. We were given a piece of chart paper and markers and told to answer the question and after a set amount of time, we were sent off to the next chart to try and add more to the answers already written. This form of review for me personally was a great way to discuss these topics with my peers and get up and out of our seats to interact more with the questions. While I still needed these pictures in order to remember what was written down, this was a much more enjoyable review than doing it on my own later, and brought back concepts I may have missed when trying to go back in my notes. Thinking of when I was in middle and high school I would have rather been up out of my seat than sitting in my desk the whole period and this is one way that can help get students more involved in learning. A great technique for review which I would keep in mind if I were to be a teacher, but nonetheless still a great technique! In my philosophy statement thus far I find myself relating to those which hold learner participation and needs of the learner as a high priority.
Without further ado, here are those picture results (sorry they’re not the best quality)

img 1142

img 1140

img 1139

img 11351

img 1135
– Angie

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