A Joke and Some Thoughts After That Midterm!

Studying for this midterm turned out to be a really good idea for me in terms of getting a better idea of what my philosophy of education is. I definitely don’t have it figured out yet, so it’s a good thing we still have a month to try to do that, but I’ve found some things which have stuck out to me in a good way about these philosophers.
For Example, I love Augustine’s view that the classroom should be a place where everything is done out of love for the student pointing towards a love for God. As Christians I believe that we are called to do all that we do because we love God and to glorify him, and I like his view that this should not be forgotten in the classroom.
At the same time, I also really appreciated what Comenius talks about with cultivating the student to a point, but allowing them to still grow naturally into who they are meant to be. I like this better than Rousseau when he says that we shouldn’t be cultivating our children but rather taking them out of society and letting them grow naturally. I don’t like Rousseau in this way because I think we need to cultivate our children to some extent though I do see a problem in how we choose who gets to cultivate our children and decide how to cultivate them? I also don’t think we are quite as Kant would say not human without education, I think education helps cultivate us to be a certain kind of human but we are still human without education and someone who hasn’t had any education who is just as human as I, he just doesn’t know all the random facts I have learned through school, but through life experience knows many of the concepts I’ve been cultivated to learn.
These are just a few of my thoughts that I have come to while studying for the exam, based on the philosophers we know about so far. Who do you find yourself to be most like so far? And Why?
Below I have also included a couple jokes I found while studying for the midterm about our philosophers. Enjoy!




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