A response to Nathan’s post “Talk your way through it with Donald…”

Nathan mentioned a psychologist in his last post, and compared it to one of the philosophers we have studied, John Locke, and discussed talking students through tasks and BEING LEADERS AND ROLE MODELS in learning.
Yes yes yes!! I think for SURE teachers need to be leaders and role models! This goes for so many aspects of teaching, in fact, maybe every aspect of teaching! Students – as we also learn through psychology – are going to learn much of what they learn through observation so how a teacher handle’s themselves and handles what they are teaching is going to make a huge difference in the students experience. This is why not anyone can be a teacher. I also see maybe a little comparison here with Augustine when he states that everything should be done out of love for the student pointing towards love of God – the example you are, the attitude you have towards your student, and towards teaching, the passion involved, the reason behind why you are up in front of a class teaching in the first place, just so important!

I also wanted to say, that though this psychologist isn’t a philosopher necessarily, that it is so cool that we can be so interdisciplinary! This is a reason why I both love and dislike King’s as a university. Sometimes I’d love to just focus on my discipline, but at other points I am learning so much I would otherwise not know that it is really a good thing we are forced into it. Another example was as my friends and I were studying for the midterm we had this morning, we realized we came from all different majors – history, english, psychology, theology – and through each of these disciplines we each were familiar already with a philosopher or could connect them somehow and so through this we were able to learn from each other for this class. Many of the people we learn about in this class we have already, or will learn about soon, in many aspects of life and I just find that really cool and wanted to share that.
A side note for those of you who didn’t get your first degree at King’s, I’m not sure how the Education program works but I imagine it is quite different, but for our BA or BSc there are a certain amount of social science, english, history, physical science, and theology classes we must take in order to graduate.

– Angie


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